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The world is ready for a long war in Ukraine: French President

The world is ready for a long war in Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine

French President Emmanuel McChrystal has warned that the world must be prepared for a protracted war between Russia and Ukraine.
According to a French news agency, the French president’s statement came on Saturday after Moscow’s attack on its pro-Western neighbor Ukraine.
Speaking on the sidelines of the annual Agriculture Fair in Paris, President McKeown said: “The only thing I can tell you this morning is that the war will continue, the crisis will continue, and the crisis that will follow will be long-term. Will bring results.


“We must be ready,” he added.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, McKeown returned from a short visit to the agricultural fair. The visit is usually one of the highlights of the French political calendar.
“The war is back in Europe, the war and the tragedy that has befallen humanity has been chosen unilaterally by President Putin. Is there to resist.
According to the French presidency, McKeown has once again convened an emergency conference of top ministers and military officials at 4 p.m.
Sanctions on Russia are expected to hurt some sectors of France, most notably the wine industry.
McKeown has vowed that plans are in place to deal with it.
French leaders are among the figures who have worked hard to avoid a confrontation, holding talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin several times, and for a summit between Putin and US President Joe Biden.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who was expected to win a second term, withdrew his candidacy at the last minute.


Ukraine conflict, French president contacts Biden before leaving for Russia

French President Emmanuel McChrystal has discussed the Ukraine conflict with US President Joe Biden before meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The French news agency AFP quoted a White House statement after the talks as saying that the two leaders called on the embassy to avoid a confrontation in response to Russia’s response to military installations on the Ukrainian border. Discussed efforts. The two also reiterated their commitment to continue supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Ahead of his departure for Moscow, French President Nicolas Sarkozy told Biden on Monday that the 40-minute telephone call was part of a co-operation effort. He will arrive in Moscow on Monday and will travel to Kiev, Ukraine, on Tuesday, where he will meet with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.
The French president has indicated that he is working to reduce the situation.
U.S. officials say the Kremlin has deployed 110,000 troops near the westward Ukrainian border, but intelligence reports do not confirm that Putin actually decided to strike. ۔
Over the weekend, Mekhwan also held talks with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg and leaders of the Baltic states.
Mekhwan and Joe Biden also held talks earlier in the week, expressing their commitment to co-operate on any Russian action and to support Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity.
“We have to be realistic,” Mekhwan told the weekly JDD, warning that “we will not receive unilateral signals from Russia.”
He added that mutual trust was essential to prevent the situation from deteriorating.


Ukraine demands withdrawal of Russian troops from border


Ukraine has urged Russia to withdraw its troops from its border and continue talks with the West if it is “serious” in easing tensions.
According to the French news agency AFP, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Cuba tweeted on Sunday that “if Russian officials are serious when they say they do not want a new war, then Russia should continue diplomatic relations.” And troops must be withdrawn from Ukraine’s borders and temporarily in its occupied territories.


According to Western countries, Russia has deployed more than 100,000 troops and heavy weapons along Ukraine’s borders. They fear an attack by Russia.
Dmitry Cuba added that “diplomacy is the only responsible way.”
On the other hand, senior members of the US Senate have said that they are close to getting the consent of the members of both parties on the bill on imposing sanctions on Russia, which will “crush” the Russian economy.
Senator Bob Menendez, chairman of the Democratic Foreign Relations Committee, said it was important for the United States to send a clear message to Russian President Vladimir Putin that any aggression was unacceptable.
“Munich cannot happen again,” he told CNN. Putin will not stop with Ukraine alone.
The remarks by US senators come at a time when Britain is also nearing the completion of preparations for sanctions on Russia.

“Russia will have no place to hide,” Foreign Minister Luc Truss said on Sunday.
“This is not the case with Crimea, which was annexed by Russia with the help of the military in 2014, but there is worldwide opposition to the Ukraine issue,” he said.
The US senator warned that the threat of sanctions should not be taken lightly.
Referring to oil prices, he said that Russia’s heavy investment in the energy sector, due to the occupation of Ukraine, would have a devastating effect on the world economy.

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