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Valentine’s Day: Chocolate Packets and Girlfriends (Humor)

Chocolate Packets and Girlfriends

Babu Bhai does not do any work for no reason. Now look at the fact that he gave a second marriage to a beautiful woman in the neighborhood and explained the reason, “The helpless widow needed support. “It simply came to our notice then.

When asked, “Why didn’t you adopt one of the three older and ugly widows of the street?” We would certainly do this good, but we were deceived by poor jurisprudential information. All three of them and our house used to have the same milk, we thought they were our milk sisters. The real meaning of the term was revealed to us later. ”

By the way, informed sources in his street say that the lady whom he has brought into marriage, her husband was a diabetic, and Babu bhai repeatedly told the deceased about his favorite sweets and said, “Take it, just another one.” Was seen feeding.

Babu Bhai is so sensitive about reason and legitimacy that he would shy away from handing out his first wedding card, saying, What will we do for them, get two ears for them from somewhere, that’s why we got married. ”

Yesterday Babu Bhai met us, he had a packet of chocolates in his hand. We asked, “You don’t even taste chocolate, then this packet!” They said, “That’s the problem, someone gave it as a gift. Now I’m wondering what to do. ” He asked, “So how long does it take to find a reason, love someone, the day of love is coming, you will present it with a bouquet.” What to do, there is no other solution, now that you have given advice, you tell me how to find a girlfriend. ”

We know that Babu Bhai is very interested in politics, as far as he knows, there is a party in the country called Pak Sarzamin Party, and he is also aware that Sheikh Rashid has a number of political parties of his own. We thought of introducing them to the types of girlfriends according to their tastes and hobbies. So they started saying, “Look, Babu Bhai! Every girlfriend has the temperament of some political party. We tell you the mood of each one, next to what you want. Listen Now:

PTI C Beloved:

At first it is clear and transparent, but then it changes color. She dances and sings in life. It seems that his coming will bring a change in life, but it turns out that fate has just taken some “revenge”. And most importantly, “Dhol Dhapa is the style of this all-proud”, and his hobby is to recite jalli kati. Once adopted, it cannot be abandoned, as it can be dangerous if left unattended.

PML-N’s color girlfriend:

This is a very delicate mood. It was a little difficult and she fell ill. The fact that it happened is very strange. I don’t know when I fought, when I fell. It is very easy to get rid of it, if you leave it with your beloved, it just keeps crying and saying, know! She never goes out of her way to fight for “why”. Sometimes “Nizam” seems rebellious and revolutionary, but “Nizam” is not the time to go to “Pukare” so I will not be able to do it again. She raises her hand to the side.

Girlfriend like Pakistan Peoples Party:

Once upon a time it was jealous, it was narcissistic, it was big-witted, but now helplessness is just a question. Thinking of it as it was before is now a mere figment of imagination. The trick of the beloved which is mentioned in our poetry is nothing compared to his tricks. If you want to fall in love, fall in love with it, you will continue to fall in love and it will continue to “fall, fall and fall”. It is very difficult to meet it, because it is either inside it, and when it is outside, it goes out of control.

MQM’s mood girlfriend:

There was a time when she was such a sweetheart that it was said that the one who is dearer to her should go to her street. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. It can be called by any name of love, but it likes “Chanda” very much. She is very “elegant” girlfriend, very politely threatens to leave, a little persuasion is immediately accepted. She does not show flirtations, she sits in the side as soon as she is called, the condition is that the beloved is sitting on the “chair”.

Beloved of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F):
It has the “grace” of nature that it dwells with everyone, but marries the one who rules over its heart, and it is often the one who rules over the country. He likes “diesel” in drinks. His tendency is towards religion, but he does not feel any disgust in walking in whichever direction the wind blows. The girlfriend doesn’t like the partnership, but she can’t live without the partnership. If there is no partnership, it is ready to destroy the Hour, but it is not stubborn. Doomsday is apparently the catalyst for a united Khundia and their subsequent emergence as a galactic power.

Beloved with methods like Jamaat-e-Islami:

This girlfriend is very committed to discipline. He likes confiscation more than discipline, so much so that if an election is fought, it is only for confiscation of bail. At one time she used to wear a very tight veil, and only a dry Zahid could be her “companion”, but now she can make anyone a lover. Now something has opened up, she even sings a little. The desire to connect with it is a headache, when you ask to meet, the answer is, “The house council will decide, when to meet, where to meet, why.

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