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Universities open in Afghanistan, lack of interest of female students

Universities open in Afghanistan, lack of interest


Afghanistan’s main universities reopened on Saturday, six months after the Taliban came to power, but only a handful of women turned up for separate classes for men and women.
According to the French news agency AFP, most of the girls’ secondary schools and all government universities were closed after the Taliban took power on August 15 last year.


Fear spread that women would be barred from education, as was the case during the first regime of hardline Islamists between 1996 and 2001.
The Taliban insisted that this time they would allow girls and women to study, but only in separate classes and according to the Islamic curriculum.

The country’s oldest and largest Kabul University, which had 25,000 students until last year, reopened on Saturday, but the number of students was much lower.
Taliban bodyguards denied journalists access to the sprawling campus and chased media teams near the entrance.


In Herat, too, students complained of a shortage of teachers. (File photo: AFP)

However, AFP spoke to some students away from the door, who expressed mixed feelings on the first day of their return.
An English literature student who asked to be identified only by Basira’s name said, “I am glad that the university has started again. We want to continue our studies. ”
But he said: “There are some difficulties. Students are being reprimanded by Taliban guards for bringing mobile phones into the classroom.
“They did not treat us well. They were rude. ”
Maryam, another English literature student, said there were only seven women in her class.
“Before that, there were 56 students, including boys and girls,” he said.
“There is also a shortage of lecturers,” she said. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. ”
Such is the situation of universities across the country, but no student came to Panjshir, which was the center of resistance during the first Taliban regime.


The Taliban insisted that this time they would allow girls and women to study, but only in separate classes. (Photo: AFP)

Professor Noor-ur-Rehman Afzali said, “I don’t know if they will come tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or not.”
Students in the historic city of Herat, near the Iranian border, also complained of a shortage of teachers.
“Some of our professors have left the country, but we are happy that the university’s doors are open,” said Presa Nirwan, an art student.


“Freedom of the media under restrictions,” Afghan women journalists worried


Women journalists in Afghanistan say further sanctions imposed on them by the Taliban government in recent days have left them worried about their future.

According to Tolo News, the female reporters said that they were not even allowed to attend the press conference held by the Taliban officials.
Journalist Amina Hakimi said she went to two places to cover the press conference but was not allowed to. “One place was for the governor of Kabul and the other was for the Ministry of Minerals and Petroleum.”
Another journalist, Sohaila Yousefi, said that “media freedom in Afghanistan is under severe restrictions and the continuation of this situation will be a major obstacle in the way of reporters, especially women reporters.”
The women journalists demanded that the Taliban authorities allow them to work and allow them to cover various events.
“They should let us go to news events where we can make news reports,” said Nazifa Ahmadi, a reporter.


The Taliban took control of Kabul in August last year. Photo: Reuters

Taliban officials are still facing international sanctions after gaining control of Kabul in August last year, and international organizations are seeking assurances that they will protect women’s rights.

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