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Construction of the world’s unique garden begins in Australia

 World’s unique garden begins in Australia


Two tall towers are being built in Australia which will be a unique example of architecture and will be the tallest vertical garden in the world.

In the famous Australian city of Melbourne, the Four Seasons Vibration is building a double tower-like hotel which will not only have the status of the tallest building in the city but also the status of the world’s tallest vertical garden after its construction due to its uniqueness. ۔

The project will cost Rs. 2 billion and construction has already started and it will be completed by 2028. The vertical garden will cover a total area of 5 and a half kilometers.


The plan is to build a 210-room hotel, but with plants and trees, it will become the world’s tallest vertical garden or forest alongside the hotel.

According to construction company Four Seasons, the two towers will cost about ایک 1.9 billion. One of these towers will be high and the other will be slightly smaller, the height of the tallest tower will be 365 meters.

The roof of the building will be Australia’s tallest garden with bars and restaurants, while the entire building will have a green area of 12,500 square meters.

The company also named the building the world’s tallest “green scraper” due to its eco-friendly design.


Shahbaz Gul’s revelation about the Prime Minister and Jahangir Tareen


Special Assistant Shahbaz Gul has revealed that Prime Minister Imran Khan had telephoned Jahangir Tareen a few days back.

Speaking on ARY News’ Power Play program, Shahbaz Gul said that the Prime Minister had called Jahangir Tareen a few days ago and inquired about his well-being. Jahangir Tareen is an old friend of Imran Khan and can call anytime.

Regarding the visit to Russia, Shahbaz Gul said that independent policy makers have to pay a price for it. I know Prime Minister Imran Khan. They only look after the national interest. They are ready to pay any price for the national interest.

He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan was given a warm welcome in Carousel. The words of Russian Deputy Foreign Minister are a source of pride for me. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister said that Putin respects Imran Khan very much. ۔

He said that Imran Khan could see that the interests of the country were at stake. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan never tolerates pressure and a person who makes independent decisions never tolerates pressure.


Users are amazed at the magic tricks of social media

A video of a man performing a magic trick with sugar went viral on social media and people were stunned.

A video is going viral on social media in which a person is performing a magic trick with a sashimi of sugar. Users were shocked to see the video.

It can be seen in the video that a person opens the sugar cane and puts the sugar in his fist.

He then squeezes the empty sachets of sugar into his lips and blows the sugar off his fist into the air.

It can be seen in the video that after blowing the sugar in the air, the person gives the impression that he is picking up the sugar particles and after a while he puts the sugar back in the sachets.

However, some users understood the trick and said that the magician was wearing a fake thumb shell on the thumb of his right hand which was filled with sugar and he surprised the people with his clean hand.

The video has been viewed by millions of users so far and more comments are being made on it.


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