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Takbir’s smile and Modi’s dream Anime FLV

Takbir’s smile and Modi’s dream Anime FLV


The Karnataka student could have quietly entered the college building ignoring the smiling crowd. The situation is very bad. After the viral video on social media and the interview with the media of smiles, in India and Pakistan, where the support of this student and the humiliation of the mob continued, there was also a discussion on what is a matter of understanding and expediency.

You may have seen the video of this incident when a hijab student stands on the premises of her Scooty College and walks towards the building, then a crowd of boys comes towards her, they are wearing saffron colored ribbons around their necks and holding it in their hands. Waving, they approach the girl and shout ‘Jai Shri Ram’. Then, she turns and raises one hand in the air and shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’.

That, of course, was not the answer. That was the reaction. On crushing religious identity and one’s identity and constantly being targeted on that basis. Further, expediency and precaution seem to be tantamount to giving the oppressor unlimited authority and opportunity to impose on himself.
The answer to the smile was to tell the world that the ban on hijab in Karnataka’s educational institutions was not imposed to improve India’s cultural identity and the teaching environment of any school, but to distort the religious identity of Muslims. Is a link to promote. This, of course, was an immediate and unintentional response to the harassment of Muslims on the basis of religion, especially under Modi, but it is the perfect response to the many incidents that are taking place across India.

The smile was called a tiger. A high spirited and brave girl who stood in front of the crowd. The girl expresses the sentiments of millions of Indian Muslims who value their religious identity as well as Indian culture.

Throughout the world, intellectuals and serious and conscious people consider it an attempt to promote intolerance in India in the name of purification in religion and culture in which various aspects of Indian society are under threat and the Modi government is responsible for it.

It is clear that the Hindutva slogan is being aired in the Indian state of Karnataka before the next elections and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wants to use it as a stepping stone to its electoral victory, but it is not so straightforward. Modi, who is politically dominant at the Center and in the states, is trying to change India’s secular identity at the behest of nationalists and extremists.

Whether the ruling party and the Hindu nationalist organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Singh (RSS) and other such political and religious extremist groups are gaining popularity among the masses or not, but fear is spreading among the minorities. Taxes are definitely harming society.

In Karnataka, the BJP has won the elections and is at stake for its goals. If you look at a few years, Tipu Sultan (Martyr) of Mysore was not only a brave and patriotic man, he was also known for his religious tolerance in India, but also in Karnataka. Attempted to distort Right-wing historians in the BJP government portrayed this freedom fighter as the killer of Hindus, while the Congress government called him a hero of Karnataka.

At present, not only in Karnataka, but also in various cities of the country and in the capital Delhi, there have been several incidents of harassment of Muslims by extremist Hindus on which the central government has remained silent. The BJP, on the other hand, considers it necessary to stir up Hindu-Muslim conflicts in Karnataka before the 2023 elections. Is the Modi government not ready to condemn the unprovoked attacks on Muslims by Hindu groups in the country and the incidents of beatings and killings against them on false charges? Muslims are being intimidated under the pretext of wearing hats, sometimes eating beef, and sometimes selling expensive vegetables to Hindus.

It is pertinent to note that there is no response from the central government and the chief ministers or officials in the states, nor is there any condemnation of the incidents which have provoked the intentions of the present Indian government against the religious minorities and the state. Failure to protect them.

In Karnataka, after the incident of harassment of Muslim student Miskan, it would not be wrong to say that Hindu nationalists want to forcibly take away their religious identity from Muslims and the life span is being restricted to which Miskan has responded.

If we talk about Ambedkar today, these architects of the Indian Constitution were the great advocates of political representation of all classes in India and the rights of every linguistic and religious group at the state level, whose name is a part of Indian history. Ambedkar believed that the majority could not be given the right to impose its opinion on the minority of the country on the basis of numbers and the majority (Hindus) should not think that their government was the real identity of India or could protect their interests. But under the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) in power, minorities, especially Muslims, seem to be trying to reduce their status in society by reducing their participation in government. It is having a direct impact on a society that has been proud of its colorful culture with its linguistic and religious diversity.

Not only Muslims in India but also Christians are disturbed by organizations like Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad and nationalist groups.

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