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Russia’s plan to seize capital Kiev thwarted: Ukrainian president

Russia’s plan to seize capital Kiev thwarted:

Ukrainian president

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has said that the Ukrainian army has prevented Russia from capturing the capital Kiev.
“We have thwarted his plan,” he said in a video address on Saturday, according to AFP. The Ukrainian army controls Kiev and surrounding cities.
He called on Russian citizens to put pressure on Vladimir Putin to stop the attack. “Stop the people who are lying to you, lying to us and lying in front of the whole world.”


Ukraine’s health minister says 198 civilians, including three children, have been killed in Russian attacks since Saturday.
“Unfortunately, the attackers have killed 198 of us, including three children,” he told AFP on Saturday. The number of injured has risen to more than 1,100, including 33 children.
On the other hand, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zalensky has said that Western “partners” are sending weapons to fight Russian forces.

According to the French news agency Reuters, Ukrainian officials on Saturday said that Russian forces fired missiles and other heavy weapons at other cities, including the capital Kyiv. The city center, including Kyiv’s airport, was also hit by the missile.

Firing continues near government buildings in Kyiv.

The Ukrainian president says he has also spoken by telephone with French President Emmanuel McKeown.
He tweeted: “Today on the diplomatic front has begun with a conversation with Emmanuel McKeown. The weapons and equipment provided by our partners are coming to Ukraine, the anti-war coalition is working.
Fighting continues in the streets of Kyiv on the third day of the attack. Ukrainian authorities have instructed citizens to take refuge in safe places.
The Ukrainian military, meanwhile, has claimed responsibility for an attack on a Kyiv military unit that was foiled.
Will defend the country
Ukraine’s president has rejected a US offer to leave the country, saying “I will stay in the capital because the fighting is going on here.”
“We will not surrender and we will defend our country,” he said in a video.
“I have not left the country and have not surrendered,” he said.
According to the French news agency AFP, a confirmed Facebook page of the Ukrainian army reported that Russian forces attacked one of the military units in Kyiv but were thwarted.
Ukrainian officials say Russian forces fired missiles from the Black Sea at Sami, Poltava, and Murree Opal, while fierce fighting continues near Murree Opel.


Earlier in the day, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky warned that Russian forces would try to seize the capital, Kiev, before dawn.

Western National Announcement

Western nations have similarly announced sanctions on Russia and President Putin.
Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a massive attack on Ukraine on Thursday, killing dozens and forcing more than 50,000 to leave Ukraine in just 48 hours, raising fears of a new Cold War in Europe. Spread out
Despite resistance from Ukrainian forces, Russian forces continued to advance towards the capital, Kiev, on Friday.
“Night will be more difficult than day, many of our cities have been attacked,” he said in a video message.
He further added that “special attention should be paid to Kiev, we cannot lose our capital.”
The Ukrainian president also said that “I am addressing my bodyguards, who are on the front line, whether they are men or women. Tonight the enemy will try with all its might to crush our defense in an inhumane way.”
Sanctions on President Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Meanwhile, Canada, the United States, Britain and the European Union announced on Friday that they would impose more sanctions on Russia, including sanctions on President Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
In response to the sanctions, Russia said in a statement that “it is a sign of the complete weakness of the West’s foreign policy.”
“We have reached the point where the point of no return begins,” said Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry.
In addition, Moscow has, as expected, vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning the Russian attack in the strongest terms.


Thousands of Ukrainians displaced by Russian invasion (Photo: Reuters)

Earlier, Putin called the Ukrainian government a “terrorist” group and said it was a group of drug addicts and neo-Nazis.
He called on the Ukrainian army to “seize power and overthrow Zhelensky’s government.”
On Friday, the Ukrainian president shared a self-made video in a Kiev street, expressing his intention to remain there and defend his capital.
“We are all here, our army and our citizens are here, we are all here to save our country and our freedom, and we will be here,” Zelensky said.


Many of our cities have been attacked, says Ukrainian President Zelensky

Rapid Response Forces

On the other hand, the US-led NATO alliance has said that the people of Ukraine are strongly resisting the Russian invasion.
NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said after the alliance’s emergency conference on Friday that Ukraine’s forces were fighting bravely and were capable of harming the invading forces.
NATO has also said it is deploying Rapid Response Forces for the first time to bolster its defenses in the east.
According to the Washington Post, Ukrainian and US government officials have said they are ready to help Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky leave Kiev to avoid capture or death, but the president has so far refused.
Following Russia’s attack on Friday, Ukraine’s president vowed to remain in charge of the country despite any threats.
“According to our information, the enemy has set me as their first target while my family is the second target,” he said in his morning address. They want to destroy Ukraine politically by targeting the leader. “

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