"The military has nothing to do with politics. It is and will remain so." - Animeflv

“The military has nothing to do with politics. It is and will remain so.”

The military has nothing to do with politics


Major General Babar Iftikhar, head of the Pakistan Army’s public members of the family branch, has stated that the military has not anything to do with politics. It is and could stay so.
“I think it’s properly for absolutely everyone not to speak or speculate unnecessarily. I will now not speak it further. ”

Addressing a press conference in Rawalpindi, the DG ISPR said that something had entered Pakistani airspace from India in March. The Pakistan Air Force will fully monitor it.
At 6:30 a.m., the object fell near Mian Channu, causing some damage to civilians.
DG ISPR said that Pakistan condemns this violation of airspace.
Whatever the reason for this incident, India has to explain. We will not make any provocative statements about it. ”
“It was a supersonic flying object launched from the ground but it was unarmed.”
We can’t say what it was. India has to explain this.
Asked about the role of the army in the political situation, he said, “What is anyone saying? I have repeatedly said that if someone is saying that something is happening on our behalf, there will be some proof. People who are talking like this should be asked about it. I have answered it over and over again. ‘


If the army is not with the government then it will be against the constitution:

Fawad Chaudhry


Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Information Fawad Chaudhry has said that under our constitution, the army has to be with the government. If the army is not with the government, it will be against the constitutional scheme.
“We are confident on the issue of no-confidence,” Fawad Chaudhry told a news conference in Islamabad on Thursday. We currently have 179 members of the National Assembly with us. We will also get additional votes, we also have five members of the opposition.


“We want to maintain right relations with the US and the European Union, however that doesn’t imply that we must enslave our foreign policy,” he said. We will no longer compromise on our shallowness. ”
Commenting on the PPP’s lengthy march, he said, “The PPP’s long march ended with laughter.”
Replying to a query about the Chief Minister of Punjab, he stated, “Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar is on this put up for two motives. One is that he has the self belief of Imran Khan and the opposite is that he has the confidence of the Punjab parliamentary party.
“Earlier, the Chief Minister himself had supplied his resignation along with the Prime Minister but now our attention is on the problem of no-self belief movement. We will come to Punjab quickly.”
During the information conference, the Information Minister criticized Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari, played some TV pictures of the past and also showed clippings of a few newspapers.


The opposition no-confidence motion,

what could be Imran Khan’s counter-attack?

When the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government was formed after the 2018 elections, Imran Khan had difficulty in delivering his first address in the House after being elected as the Prime Minister. ۔
Imran Khan came up with the solution on the one hand that he was very rare in the National Assembly and on the other hand the opposition leader was so involved in the accountability process that instead of giving Imran Khan a tough time he had to spend several months in jails.

What are the political challenges facing Imran Khan?

However, after a lapse of more than three and a half years, the opposition mobilized in view of the situation in the country’s economy and inflation and for the first time took practical steps to oust Imran Khan from power in the National Assembly against him. The no-confidence motion has been filed. Due to this, Imran Khan is facing the biggest test from the opposition for the first time as the Prime Minister.

If it was only about the opposition, Imran Khan would have said ‘I will not give NRO’, but now the situation is different. Not only the opposition but also the angry members of Imran Khan’s own party have lined up against their own Punjab Chief Minister and challenges have also come up from the coalition party PML-Q and their problems have increased.
Although Imran Khan apparently has the numbers to thwart the opposition’s no-confidence motion, his ally Chaudhry Brothers has also taken advantage of the current situation to focus on the Punjab Chief Minister’s office and lobbying in this regard. Has also started.
If Imran Khan recruits supporters to give him the Chief Ministership in Punjab to maintain the support of the Chaudhry brothers in the federation, then he will have to sacrifice Usman Bazdar. But even this situation is not ideal, as the alliance of Imran Khan’s close associates Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan has split the PTI alliance.
Although the nexus of Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan has expressed distrust in Usman Bazdar, they are not ready to accept Pervez Elahi either.
Can Imran Khan surprise the opposition?
This is the first time Imran Khan has faced such a situation that he has to fight on several fronts simultaneously to save his power. What can they do in this situation and are they still in a position to surprise the opposition?
In this regard, analyst Rasool Bakhsh Raees told Urdu News that it does not seem at this time that Imran Khan has been able to surprise the opposition. The only way for Imran Khan to stay in power is to keep Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan group with him.
Because not only in Punjab but also in the federation it is now becoming clear that the PTI members themselves will support the no-confidence motion of the opposition.

What are Imran Khan’s options?

Imran Khan as the Leader of the Opposition had put constant pressure on the PML-N government, especially Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, but he still could not get his resignation, so can the opposition force him to resign now? ?
Journalist and analyst Talat Hussain told Urdu News that the simple way for the Prime Minister to get out of the current situation is to please his allies and his members and keep them with him. But after Aleem Khan’s press conference, this path has not been simple and easy because Aleem Khan has practically burnt the boats.
According to him, the other way is for Imran Khan to sacrifice his allies Chaudhry brothers for the Punjab Chief Ministership and Usman Bazdar, but for that too he has to get the support of Jahangir Tareen group and also the federation. I have to take care of MQM too.
According to Talat Hussain, “Despite all these measures, there is a possibility of floor crossing.”
In response to a question, he said, “Imran Khan will not resign in spite of such a difficult situation, but will face a no-confidence motion no matter what the outcome.”

How did Imran Khan place pressure at the seasoned authorities?

When the Independence March started out from Lahore on August 14, 2014, no one may want to have imagined that they would attain Islamabad and preserve the longest take a seat-in in the records of Pakistan and practically block the 2-thirds majority government.

As an end result of the 126-day take a seat-in, the purple quarter of Islamabad changed into partially closed and the commercial enterprise authorities was slightly able to function and then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did no longer surrender notwithstanding the deadlines he met on daily basis. Had to end without. This turned into the largest strain from any competition towards any Prime Minister which Nawaz Sharif turned into able to undergo.
When the Panama Lakes got here to light, Imran Khan seized the possibility and taken Nawaz Sharif beneath strain again and succeeded in ousting him from electricity via the courts. Even then, Nawaz Sharif changed into pressured to resign, however, he refused to do so.
However, with regard to Imran Khan’s sit down-in and the Panama Lakes motion, the PTI saved the PTI within the media at all times and helped shape public opinion for the 2018 elections.
Now, although Imran Khan and his celebration are ostensibly claiming to have defeated the competition through calling the no-self assurance movement an international conspiracy, the public’s interest is now centered on the very last final results of this political scenario, who succeeds in defeating whom. ۔

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