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Why a barrage of false accusations against Sarfraz Ahmed?

Why barrage Accusations against Sarfraz Ahmed?

It is the easiest way to honor any star in Pakistan. Let anyone get up and make accusations. There is no one to ask. Something similar is happening with former captain Sarfraz Ahmed nowadays.

Winners of the 2017 Champions Trophy national team. College principal Hussain Fatima has accused Sarfraz Ahmed, who has served Pakistan immensely in cricket, of occupying the ground adjacent to Government Girls Degree College in Block-N.

And with this accusation she is going to all the media people and is also running a systematic campaign on social media. Several people contacted him and without any investigation published news against Sarfraz in various newspapers.

The reality is quite the opposite. I’ll take you back in time. I am also a cricketer. I am still playing cricket from Zone Seven. The place where Sarfraz Academy is located used to be called Kaka Ground. A wicket of cement was made and there was no sign of grass.

There were pits and bricks everywhere. Government Girls Degree College built along Kaka Ground. It was planned in 2003. A place was allotted for this college in Block G North Nazimabad. Some elders of KMC started construction of North Nazimabad Gymkhana on the site of this college and the matter of the college fell into disarray.

A site for the college was found in the Emergency in 2004, and construction began on the site adjacent to Kaka Ground in Block N.

The college was completed in 2012 but took another six to seven years to become operational. In 2017, when Sarfraz Ahmed defeated India to win the Champions Trophy for the first time, the then Mayor of Karachi, Wasim Akhtar, named the Kaka Ground after Sarfraz Ahmed Academy.

Sarfraz played his early cricket on this ground. At that time there was no college here. This land is owned by Karachi Metropolitan Municipality. The only connection Sarfraz Ahmed has with it is that it is named after him. But the principal tries to discredit Sarfraz Ahmed by mentioning his name in every speech which shows that she is working on an agenda.

But look at the simplicity of Sarfraz. In 2017, when Kaka Ground was renamed as Sarfraz Academy and cricket was restarted here, Sarfraz Ahmed invited the media.

Talking to reporters there, Sarfraz said that you should convey to the government that the building of the college is ready and the process of education should be started in it for the benefit of the people of the area. On the other hand, the college principal says that Sarfraz has occupied the ground.

When Prof. Hussain Fatima raised this issue for the first time, Sarfraz asked her to use this ground during her college time and take advantage of all the facilities available here.

After one hour of college time, the activities of the academy will be started here but madam did not accept it and only one writ has been issued. That the land is occupied, this place is owned by the college, it should be returned.

Recently, Karachi Administrator Murtaza Wahab also announced that this place belongs to Karachi Metropolitan Municipality. It is wrong to accuse Sarfraz Ahmed of occupation. Nevertheless, we must not forget that defaming a national hero can be a conspiracy.

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